Education is not the name of literacy and knowledge but it is a mean to achieve higher goals beyond the horizons of the galaxies (Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Thair ul Qadri).


Minhaj Education Society (MES) is a registered body and is active in all parts of the country including Azad Kashmir. It has been playing a key role in the promotion of education, consciousness and awareness at national level. MES, with an intention to protect national interest, is playing a dynamic and effective role in bringing out latent abilities of the students.

Minhaj Education Society (MES) is an important part of Minhaj-ul-Quran International (MQI). MES was created and launched by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Thair ul Qadri in 1994. One of the principal objectives of the MES is to provide quality education to the nationals of Pakistan, in order to make them useful members of the society so that they could play active role in the development of the country.

At present, under the banner of the MES, more than 600 educational institutions (English and Urdu medium) are functioning nationwide. These institutions are not only centers of quality learning but are great source of inspiration, enlightenment, and ideological training as well. Furthermore these institutions serve as platform to provide moral, spiritual, and professional guidance and counseling to new generation.

In order to promote the mission of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Thair ul Qadri, and to serve the need of the area Minhaj Tehfeez ul Quran and Islamic Center (MTQIC) has been established in Mankiala Muslim Tehsil Gojar Khan. This splendid Islamic Centre has been established on three kanals of land, and it is operational for last two years. This Islamic Centre is serving efficiently the local society through propagation of Islamic teachings, higher values, and respect for others.

The Central Secretariat

The Central Secretariat of Minhaj Tehfeez ul Quran and Islamic Center is situated in a spacious and splendid building that houses class rooms, conference halls and a mosque as well. This Islamic Centre has following major departments:

Department of Hifz-e-Quran

This department is the most important part of the project. In order to provide quality education highly qualified faculty has been hired in this department. Continuous supervision and evaluation have been placed at pivotal place so quality is being ensured at each step and at all levels. Children, in this department, have an opportunity to pursue parallel studies: school education and Hifz. English, Mathematics and Science subjects are taught along with Memorization (Hifz) of Quraan. In this way they have a better understanding of the Quran, society and scientific knowledge. Due to the parallel study model, students at the time of completion of Hifz-e-Quraan also have middle pass qualification certificate.

There are separate sections for male and female students and likewise separate staff for each section. In this department education is provided free of cost. At present more than one hundred students are enrolled in this department.


Department of Nazra Quran (reading of Quran)

In this department students are taught how to read the Holy Quran. For this purpose they are given basic skills of Arabic language and reading with correct pronunciation. Nazra classes are conducted twice a day: morning class after Fajar prayer and after noon classes from 2pm to 4 pm. Children of age 4 years and above are eligible for admission in this section.

Similar to the Department of Hifz in the Department of Nazra as well, male and female students have been placed in separate classes. There are three levels of Nazra; at level A Norani Qaida is taught to give basic education, while level B is for those students who start reading the Holy Quran and level C has been designed for advanced level students. It is matter of great pleasure that more than 200 students are enrolled in Nazra Department.

Minhaj Model School

Minhaj Model School has been established to provide modern education to the new generation. At the first stage play group, nursery, prep and class first has been launched and later on it will be updated to secondary level. Minhaj Model School is a blessing of God for the local people because this institution has made the availability of and accessibility to quality education possible for them. Now disadvantaged students are becoming advantaged as education with excellence is now with in their reach.

A responsive teaching and learning model has been designed for this institution that will aims at translating the latent talents of the youth into productive force that will enable them to take up the leadership roles in the future. This school will not only provide quality education but equip students with the effective tools as well that will help them in becoming an important and useful part of the society. Conducive teaching and learning environment has been developed that stimulates creativity, encourages intellectual curiosity, induces analytical thinking, and instills higher values based on honesty, brotherhood and respect for others. As good teachers are the backbone of education system so well qualified and experienced staff has been appointed to ensure the total quality.

Information Technology Center (ITC)

We are living in the era of modern technology where the computer education has become imperative. Information Technology Center (ITC) has been planned to respond the changing needs of the society. In this center ICTs courses, software and hardware diplomas, typing certificates will be given. The education of ICTs will be free of cost for the students enrolled in the Minhaj Model School.

Free Ambulance Service

As the village of Mankiala Muslim is located far away from the city so the people and patients are facing hardships in accessing health facilities. In case of emergency they find themselves helpless. An Ambulance Service under the auspices of Minhaj Tehfiz ul Quran and Islamic Center (MTQIC) has been planned. This ambulance service will be available on a phone call and help the poor people to access health facilities.

Free Medical Dispensary

A project of free dispensary has also been envisaged that will provide free basic health services to the people of the area. A team of competent doctors is being appointed who will serve the deserving and needy people of the area.

Open Book Library

An open access library of books has already been established in Minhaj Institute. This library is a resource center and it is a huge repository of books written by Dr. Tahir ul Qadri on a variety of subjects; religious, spiritual, social, moral, jurisprudence, economics and financial system. This library also contains a large number of books on a variety of other subjects. This resource center is serving the needs of people of different age groups; children, adolescent, adults. Due to the open access this seat of knowledge and information is brining awareness in the area.

Digital library

In order to propagate the message of truth a Soft Library has been established in this centre. This soft library contains the recording of the speeches of Dr. Thair ul Qadri in the form of CDs and cassettes. It has Broad Bank Internet connection as well. Through this facility people are connected with other Minhaj Centres and rest of the world. This digital resource centre is playing an important role in conveying the message of Allah and His Holy Prophet to common people very effectively.

Free Vocational Centre

Female gender is half of the total population of Pakistan but human capital in them is under developed and they are low literate as well. They can play more effective role in the socio-economic development if they are skilled enough. Under the auspices of Minhaj Tehfeez ul Quran a Skill and Art Centre for female has been established. In this centre girls and women learn different skills and arts that make them socially active and economically more productive. This project has received high appreciation from the society. So it has been planned that this centre will be further extended to technical education, small business education and cottage industry training.

Masjid (Baitullah)

A splendid mosque is also a part of this project. The construction work on this mosque is in progress. This mosque serves multiple purposes; offering of prayers, Jumma gathering, Seerat-un-Nabi congregation, Mehfil-e-Naat, intellectual discussions, and learning events. In these events well renowned researchers and scholars delivers lectures that are brining awareness and enlightenment in the area.


For Muslims, durood is a mean to strengthen the association and bond with the Holy Prophet. So a permanent building has been established that is called Gosha-e-Durood where Muslims recite Durood during the 24 hours of day, 7 days of the weak and 12 months of a year. This setting gives an opportunity to the area people to purify themselves and stay linked with the God and his Messenger.

Sports, Games and Activities

Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are important to achieve balanced physical and mental growth. The Islamic Center provides facilities and opportunities of sports, games, and other social and cultural activities. Facilities of indoor and outdoor games are also available. A variety of games and programs are organized throughout the year, that include badminton, cricket, football, table tennis matches; debate and quiz contests; essay writing and creative thinking competitions; cultural and variety shows.

Board of directors

For completion of Minahj-ul-Quran Islamic Center’s future plans we have established a board of directors.

Founder and president

Chief Executive

  • Haji Muhammmad Muneer Chaudry

Director of MQIS

  • Professor Muhammad Tahir Alvi


  1. Prof. Sayed Naseem Taqi Jaffari.
    (Sarwar Shaheed College Gujar Khan)
  2. Prof. Ashfaque Ahmad SHAH, PhD.
    (Department of Education University of Sargodha)
  3. Prof. Dr. Amjad Ali
    (International Islamic University Islamabad)
  4. Prof. Rashid Masood Kaliami
    (Govt Hashmat Ali Islamia Degree College ,RWP)
  5. Fouzia Shaheen
    (General Secretary & Executive Director Women Media Centre  Karachi, Pakistan)
  6. Muhammad Zahid Chaudry
    (Paris, France)


All goodhearted, generous and philanthropist people are appealed to contribute in this project by helping and supporting it financially. This project aimed to bring a positive change by educating our new generations. This all is only possible through your help and support. So it is not a time to have a second thought. Please extend your helping hand because many hands are waiting for your help it is right time to come forward and to hold at least one hand so the deserving people could also pass a respectable life. For you it may be charity but for them it is lifeline. So come forward and give charity, contributions, donations and endowments to this Minhaj-ul-Quran Islamic Centre. We assure you that your each penny will be used for public welfare. You can deposit/ send your share or donations in United Bank (railway road branch) Gujar Khan, district Rawalpindi Pakistan, Account number 0102199-4, BS Code. 0237

Please feel free to contact for further information and queries:

Minhaj-ul-quran Islamic Centre: 0322-522.2068
Haji Muhammmad Muneer Chaudry : 0321-590.6857
Professor Muhammad Tahir Alvi : 0321- 4194783

Muhammad Naeem Chaudhry


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